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Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to blogging???

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have been here!  I had to take a break for me in all honesty.  I am sorry I left so abruptly.  I am going to give this a whirl again so please feel free to come back anytime!

So many things have happened!  The wonderful hubby returned from a year long deployment and we are fully adjusted to the whole family life now.  The kiddos are growing every single day by leaps and bounds and just continue to shock me.  M is now in 6th grade and doing AWESOME!  She is in the band and plays the flute.  That's our artsy girl.  V is in 4th grade and is soaring.  Our itty bitty A started Kindergarten...WHAT??!!! She loves it and learns more and more all the time.  She does get upset that she can't read signs everywhere like her big sisters though but she will get there!  S is in a half day preschool program which is totally needed by both him and I.  There were many days at the beginning where I wondered if I made the right decision b/c  pretty much everyday was a "not good" day per his teacher but we pushed on and he has more good days than "not good" days now!  He just needs structure and I am completely not a structured person!  

Many home improvements have been made around here by way of paint, paint, paint oh and some knick knacks and new furniture around the house.  Next up is cabinets being redone (maybe painted?), floors, new pictures hung, etc!  Hopefully by the time we get ready to leave this wonderful (but far outgrown by us) house we will have everything done.  Hey I said hopefully!  

So enough about me what has everyone else been up to??


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