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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday-Pool time fun

 Summertime is in full swing!!

Who would have thought I could go from this....

and this.....

to this! This little boy does not like water at all.

Not even a hug from his little cousin would work this time!

Favorite phrase of the day? "Get me out!"

PS..."M" was impossible to get good pictures of b/c she was always under water!!! 

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting to know YOU Sunday

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my wonderful husband!  We love you so very much.

Its Sunday which means its time for another round of Getting to know You over at MannLand5!  Head on over and see all the other wonderful people's answers.

1. While at the beach, pool, etc..Do you cover up your assets or show them off?  UMM If I had any assets I would sure show them off!  Well I take that year long ago when my stomach was flat I did wear a bikini but now its a tankini all the way!

2. Road trips or Plane trips?  Road trips!  Nothing is more fun to me than loading everyone in the car and making impromptu stops along the way just to see what you can find.

3. I can't stand it when...?  My kids scream at each other.

4. Have you ever gone topless at the beach?  Nope no way no how!

5. How many blog carnivals do you do a week?  3 or 4?  Some days I just cant get my brain to function so a carnival is the way to go!

6. My favorite thing about the weekend is...?  Sleeping in and most weekends no dance!

7. Pancakes or waffles?  Waffles.  Gotta love the syrup hanging out in all the squares :)

8. Water Park or Amusement Park?  Geez since I havent been to either in forever I will say water park. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Too Funny

And yet so true!!!

A friend of mine sent me this link on Facebook and I just thought it was too funny not to share!  Brenna over at Suburban Snapshots is sure to keep you smiling, laughing, etc for a while so head on over and see what else she has to offer.  So without further ado...

Why having a toddler is like being at a Frat party:

10. There are half-full, brightly-colored plastic cups on the floor in every room. Three are in the bathtub.

9. There's always that one girl, bawling her eyes out in a corner.

8. It's best not to assume that the person closest to you has any control over their digestive function.

7. You sneak off to the bathroom knowing that as soon as you sit down, someone's going to start banging on the door.

6. Probably 80% of the stains on the furniture contain DNA.

5. You've got someone in your face at 3 a.m. looking for a drink.

4. There's definitely going to be a fight.

3. You're not sure whether anything you're doing is right, you just hope it won't get you arrested.

2. There are crumpled-up underpants everywhere.

1. You wake up wondering exactly how and when the person in bed with you got there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Who can resist these shots?? 

So sweet....

My beautiful ballerina!

This post has been linked to Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tiny bit scared

Just a small post to get my thoughts and feeling out and hopefully forgotten! 

I am going in tomorrow for an outpatient surgery. I have never been put to sleep or had any kind of surgery other than having my wisdom teeth removed!  At first I was kind of freaked out over the fact of being put to sleep. Then it turned into being intubated.  That thought didn't hit me until I was doing my pre-op information and they mentioned it.  UMM guess I never thought about the fact that when you are put to sleep you would have to be intubated..haha!  Now the fears run anywhere from "What if the anesthesia doesn't work and I can feel everything?" to the typical "What if I don't wake up!"  I know these are general fears before any type of surgery so I am dealing with it. 

I know that I am blessed with family that is going with me, friends that are helping with the kids, friends and family that are keeping me in their thoughts and prayers, and friends and family that are stopping by to check on me.  Who could ask for anything better?

I think the hardest part so far has been putting my kids to sleep tonight and knowing that tomorrow I will not be able to pick my kiddos up to give them their good night hugs and kisses or put my son in his crib.  At least I will be able to have them sit in my lap (depending on pain level) and I can love on them that way! 

Now comes the fun part...staying up late(r) so I can eat something tonight!!  I don't go in until late in the morning and I still can't eat anything after midnight!  WHAT????  Do they not realize that one of the first things I do in the morning is have my caffeine?  How in the world am I supposed to function when I can't do that?  Hopefully the nerves and anxiety will counteract the hunger and thirst! 

Ok that is all.  Now I am off to stuff my face so I won't starve in the morning!

Getting to know YOU Sunday

Its Sunday again which means another dose of Getting to know YOU with Kelly over at MannLand5!!

1. If you could have one of Superman's, powers which one would you want? Superhuman strength..Flight..Superhuman speed..X-Ray vision..etc    Probably strength so I can lug my kids and all their stuff around without getting tired!!

2. The best thing I ever won is....?  HMM No clue!!  Is that sad??

3. Have you ever skyped with a bloggy friend?  Nope havent had the chance yet!

4. What is your favorite Summer month?  I guess I would say June b/c we always get to head to Gatlinburg as a family.  Even though its for dance it still a great vacation for us!

5. Pool, Lake, or Ocean?  Pool for sure!!  I don't like not being able to see what is beneath my feet!

6. One of my favorite Summer memories is.....?  Sitting at the country club pool with my sister every single day in the summer when we were growing up. 

7. What's your favorite secret bargain? Dollar spot at Target.  We rarely head over there b/c its on the other side of town but when we do the kiddos love taking their own money and buying something.  Bargain for me b/c I dont have to spend my money..haha!

8. Do you plan on or have you been watching the World Cup?  Not a chance.  Sports are almost never watched in our house.  The only time I think we have had anyting sports related on the TV is for the Superbowl or the Olympics. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fake Phone Calls

Most people I know will have Santa or the Easter Bunny call their kids and remind them to behave but me?  Nope I just call Bebop (grandpa)!  Heck I can even pretend to call him by dialing the numbers and hitting the end button instead of send and they will usually straighten right up. If that doesnt work then I can make a real call and he will tell them he is coming on over to check on them later.  Works every single time! **Disclaimer.  This is only on those really bad days where you feel like you wanna pull your hair out! Not a daily basis. I am thankful to have family that will stand up and help when its needed!**

Case in point.  "M" and "V" have been fighting with me lately on cleaning the house.  So today we had to stop by and drop some stuff off at Grandma and Bebop's house so Bebop told them he was going for a haircut later on and would stop by to check on them.  Every 20-30 mins or so "V" would ask me "Is he here yet?"  My answer was always "I have no clue when he is stopping by but we better get to work before he shows up."  I really didnt and come to find out he didn't go and get a hair cut so he isnt coming by but hey their chores are done for the most part! 

So tell me.  Do you have a "trick" of making your kids behave when they just don't want to listen to you?

Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Question Friday

Its Friday!  Oh wait that means I have to have another yard sale.  This will be my 4th and last for the Summer and I will resume in the Fall with all the winter stuff.  Well since its Friday that means its time for 5 Question Friday with Mama M!!  Head on over and read some other wonderful bloggers answers.

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship? Someone who is willing to listen to you complain, vent, cry, etc without expecting something in return.  Someone you can be yourself with and not worry they are going to think bad of you for not dressing to the nines everyday, having your house spotless, or anything else.  I love the friends I do have b/c they could care less who or what I am as long as I am there for them when they need it and when they dont.

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?  Nothing big really but I guess it would be the last case of coke I bought.  I am trying really hard to limit the drinks I have but they just keep calling my name!  I have lowered it from an ungodly amount down to around 2 per day (some days) so we are making some progress!

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you? Pranks..hmmm.  The only thing I can think of is the time Daddy came up behind me and scared the bejeezus out of me.  I was in the laundry room and he came up behind me and screamed BOO.  I literally turned around and blacked out for a second it scared me so much!  Guess I wouldnt be much good if someone broke into my house..haha!

4. What is your favorite theme park?  I have only been to Disney World and that was when I was around the age of 6-8.  I do remember I loved every minute of it then so I am super excited when we get to go and take the kids!  That is our goal for next year or the year after.

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?  I have and it was amazing!!  One of our good friends needed someone to support her as the father was in Iraq and she asked me!  I was pregnant with "A" at the time and was due in a couple of months so it was neat to see what I hadn't been able to see during my other 2 births. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 Weeks??

Seriously? Has it really been that long since I have had time to sit down and post! You may ask what has been keeping me so busy. Well actually you may not but I will share it with you anyway! After the girls last day of school rectial week started. This consisted of many (too many) late nights with super sleepy kids. My sister came up to visit and help me with the kids during the recital. Recital ended the Sunday before Memorial Day and one would think "Great she got to relax" right? UMM nope! This woman ended up with a horrible case of strep throat and had to be seen twice in order to get it resolved. These 2 visits to the doctors ended up with me getting two shots in the booty too. Yippie!  (PSST...Toradol is a wonderful drug and if I ever need another anti-inflammatory I will be asking for it!)

Summer dance classes are in full swing and Nationals are just around the corner! I am ready for just a week of relaxation. After Nationals we have a little break until mid-July when dance camp starts. I am sure there will be a soccer camp or 2 thrown in there sometime as well. Who said summers were lazy?

I am having a small out-patient surgery next week which scares the crud out of me. I have never been put to sleep or had any kind of surgery so its definitely a new experience. Hopefully the recovery is quick and pain-free. I am so thankful that my In-laws are taking the kiddos for a couple of days and then my sister is coming up for the rest of the recovery. So everyone keep your fingers crossed things go well and I am back to my normal, crazy, chaotic self soon!

See even posting this has taken me several days b/c things have been so crazy around here! Here are a few (seriously a few seeing as I took over 6500!!!) pictures I snapped from recital. Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Schools Out For Summer!

So today was the girls last day of school!  I officially have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader.   UMM this means I am super duper close to having a middle schooler!!   When the heck did that happen???  I mean I am not possibly old enough to have one child close to middle school, one child more than 1/2 way through elementary school, a preschooler and a newly toddler!  Its just not possible I tell ya. 

In honor of it being summer the first thing that popped into my head was this song.  Maybe that tells my age (not that I was born when it was played but hey thats neither here nor there!) but I am not old enough to have kids growing up this fast!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting to know YOU Sunday

Its Sunday which means its time for another round of Getting to know YOU from MannLand5

1. Do you have a fetish?  Nope cant say I do! 

2. Do you sing in the shower?  No way!  I would probably scare everyone in the house if I did.  I will keep singing to the times I am alone in the car (which is almost never) so I dont have to torture anyone.

3. Who was your first crush?  Oh geez...I guess it would have to be the boy who lived down the road from my Papaw.  He was actually my first kiss too! Guess the crush worked both ways. 

4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?  To be caring yet not too sensitive.  I think men think that showing some sensitivity is feminine but when you look at a loving, caring, sensitive man it shows how strong and manly he really is.  He isnt ashamed to show it either!

5. Do you sleep naked?  Sometimes.  When Daddy is home mostly but when he is gone no way!  I end up with too many kids in my bed randomly so its easier to have some clothing on then!

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking? Depending on the situation I make faces at them, chew on my cheek, pick the wedgies, oh I am sure there are many more!

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online? Check my email. 

8. Summer is.....?  Hot, noisy, busy, relaxing, fun, crazy, and so on and so forth.  There are so many emotions that go with summer

Friday, May 21, 2010

5 Question Friday

Wait how did it get to be Friday already??  I completely missed most of this week.  Oh well if its Friday then that means its time for 5 Question Friday with Mama M over at My Little Life!! 

1. Do you have an iPhone and, if so, how do you get apps and what are your favorites?  Nope no Iphone for me!  I am now a Crackberry Blackberry user now.

2. What is your fondest memory of K-3rd grade?  Probably the most vivid memory is when I found out I had chicken pox.  I was in 3rd grade and it was my very first year at a new school so yep guess who was so completely embarrassed when 1/2 the class ended up with chicken pox in the next week or so!!  If you guessed me then you were absolutely correct.  If not then well sorry can't help you there. :)

3. What makes you cringe at the thought of touching? Someones feet. I love getting a pedicure but can't imagine how those people get over touching peoples feet!   They are just overall yucky to me!

4. If you could have any celebrity show up on your doorstep who would it be and why?  Oh as of this week it would have to be Supernanny.  My kiddos need an attitude adjustment.  Hopefully they wouldnt scare her away though!  If not here then it would have to be one of those organizational gurus, who cares which one!  As long as they will organize my house I will be forever grateful.

5. What would you say is your best physical feature?  Crud I have no clue!  If I had to guess I would say my eyes.  If you had asked this a couple of years ago I would have said my legs but they have decided to revolt on me along with my rear end, stomach, hips, etc!!  Darn this getting older thing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Don't mess with the 3 year old!! 

Ok so I feel the need to explain this picture!  I saw this in my room and asked why her doll was standing there with tape on her mouth and "A" replied that she had thrown a toy and was in time out!  No clue where the tape comes into play b/c I certainly never put tape on the kids mouth!!

This post is linked to Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I saw this picture on a friends Facebook page and it just made my stomach turn so I thought I would share it with all of you!  Makes you wonder now doesn't it??

After the weekend and so far week I have had I needed some humor.  I have had a very sick boy who was running a temp between 101-105.5!!  Talk about scaring a mommy senseless (I am short on that as is).  After a visit to the Doctor in which he threw up all over himself, the Dr (sorry Dr. J!) and the floor we were diagnosed with Strep Throat.  He is only running a low grade temp today but sure is grumpy.  I cannot wait for him to feel better.

Hope everyone is having a great day so far!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting to know YOU Sunday

Its Sunday which means Getting to know YOU over at MannLand5!   Head on over and get to know some other people.

1. The most expensive thing hanging in my closet is.....?  UMM does it have to be mine?? If not then it would be Daddy's uniforms!  If it has to be mine then I would say my ball gowns.  I definitely do not have expensive clothing or shoes.  Hello mother of 4 kiddos..haha!

2. Have you ever played a team sport? Yep I played softball way back in the day.  I loved it but decided I would rather ride horses instead so softball got kicked to the curb.

3. If you were a bug, what kind would you be?  HMM..maybe a ladybug?  My kids seem to love them so I know they would still love me if I had to be a bug!

4. Where on your body is the worst place to get sunburned?  The tushie for sure!!  Who would want to get burned on their tushie?  You wouldnt be able to sit down anywhere without hurting.  (And no I will not tell you how I know this!!)

5. Are you happy?  Most days yes.  I was letting the unhappiness take over a while back but have decided that I am the one who determines my happiness and I want to be happy so there you have it!

6. People are always abbreviating..are there any abbreviations that make your skin crawl when people use them?  OMG..yep typing it right then about killed me!  Everytime I see it all I can hear is some 16 yr old smart mouthed girl saying it and its like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

7. Do you love where you live..or could you live anywhere?  I do love where I live but would love to venture to other places one day but cold places are not on my list!!

8. What, if any, extreme measures do you go to to keep yourself from overeating when you're full? I usually just set it to the side when I am full.  Some days I will go back and keep snacking on it depending on what it is but when I am full I am full and there is nothing else entering my mouth.

Friday, May 14, 2010

5 Question Friday


Its time for Mama M's 5 Question Friday! Head on over to My Little Life and enjoy reading others answers and/or participate yourself!

1. Take your night, girls night out, or night out alone?  Man this one is hard!  Right now I would choose a girls night out only b/c Daddy isnt here but when he is home I would definitely choose Date night!

2. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? I most certaintly can!  My girls think its funny when I do it and want to learn how.  One day I will sit down with them and teach them.  Yep there you go...I am gonna teach my kiddos the most important thing in life right??

3. What is your favorite flower and why?  I have always loved roses but I think overall the Hydrangea is my favorite.  Yes I know its more of a plant than an actual flower but they do flower and thats the part I absolutely love.  It reminds me of being at my Papaw's house in the summer after being at the country club all day.  One day I will have some in my garden/backyard!

4. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?  Don't sweat the small stuff.  I am working on that very thing right now b/c I let the smallest of things get to me and make a great day into a bad day in a second.  For instance I had one of those days Wed night so I went home, got kids in bed, went to sleep and started Thurs off brand new!  Its working so good so far and I am going to keep up with it.

5. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you would do?  You do mean after I scream, jump up and down and then faint right?  You do?  Oh good.  Well then this is what I would do.  We would pay off all of our bills.  If we are in our current house we will sell it and move into one more accomidating. If we are in a different house then we will just pay it off.  After that we will invest a good bit but also help his family out where we can.  We also want to put some into an interest bearing account.  Can you tell we have talked about this a whole lot yet we dont buy lottery tickets..haha!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bloggity Blog Award

In all the mayhem that has been going on around here I am just getting to the awards that have been so graciously left for me!

Dawna at Hiccups in Time, Mrs M at IMOM and Janae at Pink Moss left this award for me!  Thanks so much ladies and sorry it took me so long to get them up!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award. Completed!
2. Share 7 things about yourself.  Completed!
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic! UMM not gonna happen..sorry!!!   Completed!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award. Working on it!

7 things about myself:

1. I cannot stand shoes.  I take mine off as soon as I walk in the door but yet I don't make people remove their shoes in the house!

2. I will buy candy and then hide it from the kids just so I don't have to share.  Don't lie you know you have all done it! :)

3. I have been pulled over a few times but only 1 time did I receive a ticket and the cop threw it thats just luck!
 4. I just started going to the gym and love every minute of it!

5. I am super messy!  How can I seriously expect my kids to keep their room clean when I can't keep mine clean??  But I am working on it! In my defense I now have "A" sleeping in the room with me so she has to bring all her toys in there which doesnt help in the keeping clean aspect.

6. I love my Starbucks Frappucinos and am really hating that they are 50% off yet they are so bad for my diet.

7. I hate cooking.  I love it when Daddy is home and I don't have to cook since he is a much better cook than I am!

And now I would like to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to:

1.  5...6...7...Kate
2.  A dollop of My life
3.  Four Better Four Worse
4.  MannLand 5
5.  This Fabulous Army Life

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Mania-Letters


Mama M at My Little Life is wrapping up Mother's Day Mania with Letters to our Oldest. If you know me then you know that I am not a good letter writer so this was a bit difficult for me.  So many thoughts running through my head yet nothing looks or sounds right on the screen but I decided to just write what came to me and didnt change a thing!

My dearest "M",

   For the past 9 years you have blessed my life in more ways than you will ever know.  Though we may have had our ups and downs please know that I will always love you more and more every single day.  I have loved every minute of watching you grow as you dance across the stage. You may get exhausted with all the rehearsals and trust me I know the feeling but you have stuck with this and blossomed more than I ever thought possible.  You are an amazing, graceful, smart and talented young lady.  I wish for nothing more than happiness and love in your life and will do whatever I can to make it possible.  In the years to come you will have to be faced with decisions, heartbreak, disappointment, happiness, a sense of acheivement, and many more obstacles and I know without a doubt that you will overcome them and accept them with no problem.  Just know that if you ever need someone to talk to, cry with or even jump up and down with then I am there for you.  You may be the oldest of the bunch but you will always be my baby no matter how old you may be.  I love you "M" and always will.

Love forever,

Head on over to My Little Life to read some more heartfelt letters from Mothers to their oldest babies.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Mania-What do I love?


Day 4 of Mother's Day Mania with Mama M at My Little Life is off and going!!  Head on over to read other's stories about Motherhood!

What do I love about being a Mom? 

*  The unconditional love that they give you from day one (though they may say they don't like you sometimes)
*  The random kiss on the cheek and when you ask what it was for they answer "Just because"
*  Checking on them at night and seeing their peaceful faces knowing that you have done everything during the day for them and because of them
*  Seeing them grow each and every day and knowing that you had a part in this!
*  The look of excitement or accomplishment when they learn something new whether they are 3 months or 13 years old.
*  Hearing I love you for the first time (no matter how mumbled it may be) and every time after!
*  Seeing them run to you with excitement after you have only been gone for a little while knowing they missed you every single minute of it!
*  Knowing that no matter how mad or frustrated you may get with them you know that you will always be the number 1 person they go to when they need help, advice, cuddling or whatever their heart desires and also knowing that in .02 seconds you will stop being mad and love them more than ever.

Friday, May 7, 2010

5 Question Friday


1. What is your worst memory of your siblings? 
I would have to say when my sister and cousins would leave me in the woods out in the country knowing I hated it out there!!  I still don't like to go out in the woods at night and never will!!

2. What was YOUR naughtiest childhood memory? (Must be something YOU did, no pawning it off on someone else!) 
UGH..I have no clue!!  Sneaking out could possibly be on the list though I don't remember it.  Lying about where I was..yep I am sure that happened.  Not answering the phone b/c I knew I wasn't where I was supposed to be or definitely wouldn't make it home in time.  Yep those happened!  Take your pick. 

3. Where do you like to go to relax? 
I have found the gym!!  I just started this week and absolutely love it.  I can get on the elliptical or treadmill, turn on my music and just drown the world out.  Who cares that I am covered in sweat and my face is the color of a tomato I am in my groove and no one can bother me!!

4. What was the last thing you won? 
A pair of Delicate Soles though I wish my feet weren't so darn small and they fit :(  They are absolutely adorable and I am seriously debating contacting them and telling them to make a smaller size!

5. If you could be on a game show, which would you choose? 
OHHH I am going to go back and say Family Feud!  Nothing like a little family rivalry right??

Now head on over to My Little Life and see what others answered!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Mania --Birth Stories


Mama M over at My Little Life is continuing Mother's Day Mania with Birth Stories!!!

I have held off posting well for several different reasons today.  The most important reason though is b/c I have been super busy celebrating "S"'s 2nd birthday.  Oh man I don't have a baby anymore.  WAAAAAH!!! What better day than to share his birth story right?  Right!  Well I will get onto it then.

I had been having contractions with dear "S" since I was 14 weeks along.  Irritable uterus leads to an irritable mommy!  My OB thought there was no way I would make it to full term.  I had been in the hospital twice at this point in pre-term labor in which they gave me the most horrid medicine called terbutiline.  I would never wish it upon anyone! 

At my 36wk appt I was a good 2cm and my OB told me to come in the next week and she would strip my membranes.  I had never had this done so figured why not give it a shot right? 

So that beautiful Tuesday morning I woke up, showered, got kids off to school, "A" to the in-laws house and I headed to my appt.  I get there and the OB did the exam and stripped my membranes. I headed to pick up "A" and went home to walk the neighborhood.  I was determined to have this baby soon!  I walked and walked and finally came home and bounced on my bouncy ball while talking to Daddy on the computer (he was deployed).  Thank heavens no one was around to watch that b/c I am sure it was a sight to see!

After hours of doing the walking and bouncing the end result?? No more contractions than normal.  Dang it!

Girls came home from school, we had dinner and headed out to our normal activities.  I decided to head to the in-laws and walk around their neighborhood since they have humongous hills!  What do you know?  I no sooner made it down the first hill and the contractions felt like they were ripping me apart. 

UH OH..I had to make it back to their house.  I was determined to keep those suckers coming so I kept walking until I made it back to their house.  I headed inside and told my mother in-law that I was going to get the girls from dance and thought I would be heading to the hospital tonight.  Yep I was still in denial even though they were 5-7 min apart at this time!

I called my sister in law who was my labor coach again and told her I was having contractions.  She asked when and I told her I had one right before I called her.  Well dance is a 5 min drive and by the time I got there I was having another one.  She told me to get my rear end to the hospital just in case.  Oh yea..I had "V" in an hour so no one wanted this baby to be born in the car or at home!

I got the kids dropped off and settled at the in laws and headed out.  I got checked in and the nurse tells me they have to monitor me for an hour.  UMM Seriously?  An hour!!  Well my OB was on call and saw the monitor and came in and checked me.  I was at a good 3-3.5 so she said nope we are admitting you and breaking your water.  Did I mention I love my OB?  If not well I do! 

They get me settled in a room (8-8:30pm) and by this point my sister in law arrives after working two 12 hr days in a row.  Thank you Kris!!  They break my water and asked about an epidural.  I was trying to have a med free birth but "S" decided that he wasnt up for that.  After an hour of horrible pain in my head from the fact he was sitting on a nerve and every contraction would shoot up to my brain I decided that an epidural was needed.  They started placement at 9:15 and completed it at 9:30.  Right after it kicked in "S's" heart rate dropped which in my case is a tell tale sign that delivery is not far off at all.

They got me all settled on my side and I looked at my sister in law and said "I feel pressure".  She looked at the OB and repeated it and I have never seen people move so fast.  It was actually kind of funny b/c they all know how fast I go from pressure to delivery (like super fast!).  This all happened around 10pm and "S" was born at 10:11pm weighing 6lbs 14oz and perfect as ever!

And for your viewing pleasure and since its his birthday here are some pictures of him!!!

Day 1...All snuggled up and sound asleep!

Like Father, Like Son

This was right before he opened his birthday present today!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010



Mama M over at My Little Life kicked off the Mother's Day Mania today!  Wednesday's task is to tell a story all about bloopers, whoopsies, uh oh's you may have had with your child(ren).  I like the word bloopers better so sorry Mama M I had to go with my gut today instead of saying whoopsies. Seeing as I have 4 I am sure I have too many to remember.  I am almost positive there has been the occasional head bumped into the corner of the wall or a toe stuck in the shoe (last week actually!) but I have 2 that always will stay with me. 

This story takes place when "V" was 3.  Setting: Living room. 
It was a Saturday and we were getting ready to head out and go some garage sale shopping!  We were sitting on the couch watching the end of a TV show (Dora I am sure) and "V" stated she had to go potty.  I replied with the typical "well go ahead".  No more than 3 steps away from the couch she fell which was typical.  Me being the wonderful mommy I am just told her to get up and go potty so we could go.  She cried that her forehead hurt.  I told her to go potty and I would kiss it when she was done.  This would come back to bite me in the butt!  After a min or so of her not getting up I went to check on her.  Well this poor but brave girl lifted her head and all I saw was BLOOD!  She had fallen and hit her forehead on the corner of the wall and busted it wide open.   I immediately made sure she was conscious and reactive and then laid her in my lap.  "M" being only 4 at the time was amazing and listened to what I told her and made sure to grab the only dark colored bath cloth we owned.  She got it wet, squeezed it out and brought it to me along with the phone (all with prompting of course!).  I called my mother and sister in law and they headed on over.  My mother in law drove us to the ER and my sister in law stayed with "M" at home.  I remember I was so worried the entire drive b/c  I was scared someone would pull us over and I would get in trouble for having her laying in my lap but there was no way I could sit her up in a car seat b/c every time she sat up it started bleeding more and more!  Luckily no one did and the guard at the gate on post just looked at us (covered in blood) and let us through.  We ended up waiting forever in the waiting room and then once we got back they had to "monitor" us for a while.  UGH!  Just take care of my baby and then do the monitoring.  I understand they have to do their job and make sure I wasn't harming her but sheesh just fix her darn it!  My poor girl ended up with 7 stitches in her forehead and cried for the longest time b/c all she wanted was a pink band-aid.  Finally one nurse took sympathy on us and gave her one though you aren't supposed to cover it up! 

Story 2 takes place when "A" was 6 weeks old.  Setting: Home 
 We had just been discharged from a 2 day stay in the hospital for a fever and non eating but she was diagnosed with just a tiny virus thank heavens.  I laid her down in the bassinet in our room and came out into the living room.  "V" had gone into the bathroom and all of a sudden I hear screeching.  All I know is I took off and "V" was running to me saying "I just laid her on the bed"  Yep my 4 1/2 year old took her sister out of the bassinet and laid her on the bed then left!  Oh the joys of kids.  "A" had fallen off the bed and hit her head on my bedside table which has super sharp corners.  I immediately picked her up and tried to comfort her but she wasn't having any of it.  I started to nurse her and while she was somewhat content with that checked her pupils.  Nope not reacting evenly.  Shoot.  Another trip to the ER.  I walked into the ER with "A" in one hand and car seat in the other.  I still have no clue why I took the car seat!  My mother and father in law met me there shortly after which I am still so grateful for.  They took me straight back to the urgent care area and assessed her but then had to leave for a bit b/c there were 3 life flights to take care of.  The head of the ER came over and said that she was looking good but they were going to do X-rays to see if there was any internal damage.  Talk about scaring the crap out of you!  We waited a bit longer with several checking in on's by all the staff and then headed off to get X-rays.  If you have never seen an X-ray on a infant its quite a feat!  You have to hold their tiny heads with the round things oh and try to stay out of the picture while trying to keep your baby quiet.  Yeah right!  Diagnosis--mild concussion.  Yeah for my 6 week old!  Talk about doing a great job as a Mommy!

Oh yeah there was the time that "S" poured Chicken Noodle soup on his face and ended up looking like this!

Now that you have heard my bloopers as a Mommy what are some of yours?  Head on over to My Little Life to read more and share yours!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day Mania


Mama M over at My Little Life is having a Mother's Day Mania this week in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday. (Yep if you forgot here is your reminder!)  Starting Wednesday there will be a different theme each day and it will continue onto Sunday!  Head on over to My Little Life and check it out to see what the different themes are and join in! 

Friday, April 30, 2010

MilSpouse Blog Hop!

Morning, afternoon, or evening depending on where you are.  I am super excited to be following the MilSpouse Blog Hop hosted by Riding The Roller Coaster

I am Lynn and proud to be a military spouse of 10 years to my wonderful husband, Daddy.  We have 4 amazing (yet chaotic!) kiddos. Feel free to check out the about me over on the right hand side to get an idea!  "M" is 9 and going on 30, "V" is 8 and my little mother hen, "A" is 3 and my little comedian and "S" will be 2 next week and always keeps me on my toes.  We have been super lucky to have been stationed in the same spot for our entire career.  Well some wouldn't say lucky because this has come with 4 deployments, turns to Korea, and several courses that have kept our entire family apart but we have made some wonderful new friends over those years.  We wouldn't trade it for the world! 

I love taking pictures with my new camera and cannot wait to learn more about it!  I also make hairbows for little girls and am trying to get the courage up to open my own etsy site one day soon.  Oh and I am sort of obsessed with the exclamation point! I do try and keep its use to a minimum though.

I hope you have a wonderful day and come back soon!  :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feelings and the Military

As the spouse of a Soldier we all go through hundreds of different feelings daily.  These feelings are amplified when they are deployed.  One of my fellow bloggers Julie posted Toby Keith's video American Soldier on her blog today. Head on over and watch the video.  I promise you wont be dry eyed after it either. 

Back to the feelings.  Like I said there are hundreds of different feelings you may feel and I promise you that they are all normal!  Here is a short list of things I have heard of and felt some of them first hand. (in no particular order)

Sadness..nothing like that first day they leave to shoot this one at you. 
Anger...why do they have to leave all the time? my loved one safe? 
Fear..will there be a knock on my door anytime soon? 
Happiness...hearing their voice on the phone brings it all back
Excitement...opening your mail box and seeing a letter (email works too!)

Being through so many deployments has kind of made me cold to these feelings though I do get the excitement and happiness one.  I am a very independent person and know that what Daddy does is for a great cause and he loves his job.  Do I hate him being gone?  Yep but again I know why and accepted this when I said I DO.  *Disclaimer*Now that statement was in no means a blast at anyone who feels all these feelings just stating that its the way I handle it.

Watching the video Julie posted really hit home today mainly I think because my Father In Law just taught "S" how to salute and seeing the son in the video salute as his father leaving just got me.  I cannot wait for Daddy to be able to this in person or until I can catch it on video! 

What are some feelings you encounter daily??

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday-Rainy Days

Mamarazzi Monday

We have had several rainy days here so we have resorted to playing inside.  Cabin fever is setting in and there are only 2 days in the next week that have been forcasted for no rain.  I guess those April Showers are coming in full force finally!

This is what happens when I am in the kitchen making myself lunch finally.  "A" has made a "swimming pool" for her dolls, horses, and whatever else will fit into the bucket!  No questions asked about her imagination huh?

Any ideas on what her doll is thinking right now??

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting to know YOU Sunday

Head on over to visit Keely @ MannLand5 and join in on Getting to know YOU! 

1. If you could star in any movie genre..what would it be..romance..horror..comedy..suspense or action?  Suspense or Comedy since those would probably fit right into my life!  You never know what may happen next and it usually ends up being comical in the end!

2. Do you recycle? I recycle most of the time.  The girls take it to their school which is awesome for me since we don't do curbside recycling around here.  Saves me a trip!  Now some of the time they end up not taking it with them and I am left with bag after bag in the office so something has to be done with it.  Most of the time I drive it up there myself but sometimes it ends up in the garbage. Man I wish they would pick it up for me!

3. Have you ever been to a strip club? Nope!  Not sure I even want to.

4. Do you have a nickname? Daddy calls me Sweetheart but other than that not anymore.  Over the years growing up I was called Pooh Bear though.

5. What's a name you can't stand to be called?  My first name!  Nope not telling you what it is either :)

6. What are your Summer staples? Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Potato Chips, Goldfish Crackers.  Oh and not on a food related note...shorts, tanks and slip on shoes!

7. What was the last thing you bought for yourself? White Chocolate Mocha Frappacino from Starbucks. Is it sad that I had to seriously think about that??? 

8. Are you happy with your boob size? Nope. Eventually I would love to have a breast augmentation but first the kiddos need to be a bit more self sufficient.  One day though!

Now head on over to MannLand5 and join in on the fun!

Oh the Chaos!

Falling in tune with my blog name this weekend has been chaotic for sure!  Friday night we were getting warnings about bad weather headed our way.  Of course "V" has soccer on Saturday mornings so we had no clue if this game would still be played as scheduled or if they would cancel it.  I checked the website to see and the lovely message I saw was that they would update at 0730!  UMM Do you really want me to get up at 0730 to check your site and see if they were playing at 0900??  Darn it!  I have to get the kids up and moving around then to make sure we have enough time for breakfast, getting dressed, loaded in the car, drive 2 minutes down the road and spend 15 minutes circling the parking lot trying to find a parking spot.  Of course the games were cancelled b/c when I woke up around 5 the storms were a brewin' and it would not have been a pretty game!

The kids also decided that they would have a fun Friday night and play tag on who wakes me up every single hour!  "M" and "V" would take turns giggling which would in turn wake up "S" who decided that he didn't want to go back to bed on a dime like usual.  So let's see...I was up at 11, 1230, 2, 4, 5, 7, oh and 0730 to check on the soccer games!   

We finally woke back up around 9 and I spent the day doing laundry and dishes since I didn't get much done this week b/c I was dying super sick. Anyone else wish they had a maid who would come and clean just when they were sick??  This week my house sure could have used one! 

After all this laundry was somewhat under control we had to get kids packed up and out the door b/c "M" and I had a dance competition to head to.  I dropped off the other kiddos with my in-laws and headed out praying that the storms would wait until we got into the building.  Well we must have had someone watching out for us b/c the rain stayed away the entire hour drive!  Competition was awesome as usual.  They made a change to one of her dances and my child is a flipper now!  Talk about making a mommy's heart stop.  Thank heavens no one lets go of her the entire move but still there is nothing like seeing your child fly backwards on a wooden stage.

My in-laws had the crappy end of the stick b/c they lost power about an hour after I left and it didn't come back on until we were getting ready to head back to town.  Thank heavens my kiddos were well behaved for them and they love board games b/c that is what they spent 4 hours doing!  It is going to be interesting to check the paper and see just how bad the storms were.  The only thing I heard was that there was 1 tornado in the area but not sure of any damages (hope none!) or if there were any others.

"M" and I headed back to town and grabbed the others and went home.  I was exhausted and so were all the kids.  We headed to bed..well tried to!  "S" decided to pull the "cuddle you" card and wanted me to cuddle with him most of the night.  I rotated from couch to his floor several times until the boy finally crashed and stayed asleep until around 10am!!  Now we are off to spend the day finishing up the cleaning and getting ready for the week ahead. 

What did all of you do this weekend??  Whatever it is I hope you had a great one!

Friday, April 23, 2010

5 Question Friday


Ready for some fun?  Then head on over to MamaM's blog Five Crooked Halos and join in on 5 Question Friday!  There are tons of other blogs participating this week so go ahead and read away!

1. What was the first car you owned? Pontiac Grand Am that was this odd pink champagne color inside and out!! We wont go into how many people I could fit in that car so as to not incriminate myself :) It was my first car so I loved it no matter what though my absolute favorite car was my red Honda DelSol.  I still miss and love that car! 

2. What song are you embarrassed to know the lyrics to? Umm...Baby Got Back, Ice Ice Baby, there are just too many to count :)  I also know all the lyrics to most preschool shows like Dora, Diego, Franklin, Backyardigans, etc!  Yep pretty sad huh???

3. Have you ever had stitches? Only the ones from having my wisdom teeth cut out.  I have been lucky so far to avoid them and hope my luck keeps on going.

4. What was your first job?  I worked for Piercing Pagoda in the mall.  It was pretty darn fun.  I love people watching so being in a Kiosk it was the perfect opportunity.  The only thing that stunk was having to run into another store to use their bathroom.

5. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?  Cookie Monster!  I love me some cookies and can definitely relate to him in that aspect. Being big and blue?  Not so much!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Late!

Due to circumstances beyond my control raging sickness in my house that has hopefully ended with me my posts have been somewhat void lately!  Ok fine!  Non-existent.  There..Happy?? 

So I bring to you Mamarazzi Monday and Wordless Wednesday all in one post.

Brother and Sister watching....

Watching this sister paint her heart out on the front porch....

While this sister is laying in bed plagued with the same sickness that graced their mother the past few days! 

(No you will not be seeing a picture of me! Sorry.)

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Friday, April 16, 2010

5 Question Friday

1. What words do you use on your blog/online that you don't use in real life?  HMM..You know I don't think there are any!  I try to stay as true to my speech in my typing as possible.  As I say it in my head it gets typed onto here!

2. Do you still write checks?  Unfortunately!  The only place we regularly write them is to "M's" dance.  Its much easier to keep up with the hoards of money we pay them each month if we write a check and not use the good ol' debit card!

3. Who was your favorite President and why?  I think I will plead the 5th!

4. Are you a yeller?  Yes unfortunately.  I try extremely hard but as you can imagine with all 4 kiddos going at once sometimes I have to yell to get my point across or even over them.

5. Have you ever dumpster dived?  True dumpster diving?  No but I did grab a bookshelf from someones front yard since they were going to throw it away.  Hey all it needed needs is some TLC.  One day I may just get around to it!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This picture is an older picture but everytime I look at it I have to laugh.  Of course its not because of the fact that "S" was hurt but because he looks so stinking cute with that big ol' band-aid on his nose!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday-Planting

Are you a part of Mamarazzi Monday held by Household6Diva?  If not head on over and read all about it!  If you are then see you over there!

We had planting to be done and since these flowers were picked out by "A" she wanted to do the planting all by herself.  Well ok!  Less work for me! 

She really gets into her work doesn't she?    

Just look at the concentration.

The finished product!!!

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The Happy 101 Award

My very first award!!!! Join me in the happy dance since that is what I did when I found out she left it for me!

Thank you so much to Julie over at Julie the Army Wife.

The rules:
1. Thank the person you received the award from.
2. Name 10 things that make you happy.
3. Pass it on and contact the lucky winners!

10 Things that make me happy are (in no particular order)....
1. My husband
2. My kids
3. Sleeping in
4. A clean house for more than 5 minutes
5. Sunny days
6. Time with friends (sometimes w/o kids!)
7. Quiet mornings
8. Cuddling with my kids
9. My phone ringing and knowing its Daddy!
10.  Comments left on my blog

Now to pass this on! 
1. Hillary at The Other Mama 
2. Ann Marie at Household6Diva
3. Bonnie at House of Grace


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