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Wednesday, May 5, 2010



Mama M over at My Little Life kicked off the Mother's Day Mania today!  Wednesday's task is to tell a story all about bloopers, whoopsies, uh oh's you may have had with your child(ren).  I like the word bloopers better so sorry Mama M I had to go with my gut today instead of saying whoopsies. Seeing as I have 4 I am sure I have too many to remember.  I am almost positive there has been the occasional head bumped into the corner of the wall or a toe stuck in the shoe (last week actually!) but I have 2 that always will stay with me. 

This story takes place when "V" was 3.  Setting: Living room. 
It was a Saturday and we were getting ready to head out and go some garage sale shopping!  We were sitting on the couch watching the end of a TV show (Dora I am sure) and "V" stated she had to go potty.  I replied with the typical "well go ahead".  No more than 3 steps away from the couch she fell which was typical.  Me being the wonderful mommy I am just told her to get up and go potty so we could go.  She cried that her forehead hurt.  I told her to go potty and I would kiss it when she was done.  This would come back to bite me in the butt!  After a min or so of her not getting up I went to check on her.  Well this poor but brave girl lifted her head and all I saw was BLOOD!  She had fallen and hit her forehead on the corner of the wall and busted it wide open.   I immediately made sure she was conscious and reactive and then laid her in my lap.  "M" being only 4 at the time was amazing and listened to what I told her and made sure to grab the only dark colored bath cloth we owned.  She got it wet, squeezed it out and brought it to me along with the phone (all with prompting of course!).  I called my mother and sister in law and they headed on over.  My mother in law drove us to the ER and my sister in law stayed with "M" at home.  I remember I was so worried the entire drive b/c  I was scared someone would pull us over and I would get in trouble for having her laying in my lap but there was no way I could sit her up in a car seat b/c every time she sat up it started bleeding more and more!  Luckily no one did and the guard at the gate on post just looked at us (covered in blood) and let us through.  We ended up waiting forever in the waiting room and then once we got back they had to "monitor" us for a while.  UGH!  Just take care of my baby and then do the monitoring.  I understand they have to do their job and make sure I wasn't harming her but sheesh just fix her darn it!  My poor girl ended up with 7 stitches in her forehead and cried for the longest time b/c all she wanted was a pink band-aid.  Finally one nurse took sympathy on us and gave her one though you aren't supposed to cover it up! 

Story 2 takes place when "A" was 6 weeks old.  Setting: Home 
 We had just been discharged from a 2 day stay in the hospital for a fever and non eating but she was diagnosed with just a tiny virus thank heavens.  I laid her down in the bassinet in our room and came out into the living room.  "V" had gone into the bathroom and all of a sudden I hear screeching.  All I know is I took off and "V" was running to me saying "I just laid her on the bed"  Yep my 4 1/2 year old took her sister out of the bassinet and laid her on the bed then left!  Oh the joys of kids.  "A" had fallen off the bed and hit her head on my bedside table which has super sharp corners.  I immediately picked her up and tried to comfort her but she wasn't having any of it.  I started to nurse her and while she was somewhat content with that checked her pupils.  Nope not reacting evenly.  Shoot.  Another trip to the ER.  I walked into the ER with "A" in one hand and car seat in the other.  I still have no clue why I took the car seat!  My mother and father in law met me there shortly after which I am still so grateful for.  They took me straight back to the urgent care area and assessed her but then had to leave for a bit b/c there were 3 life flights to take care of.  The head of the ER came over and said that she was looking good but they were going to do X-rays to see if there was any internal damage.  Talk about scaring the crap out of you!  We waited a bit longer with several checking in on's by all the staff and then headed off to get X-rays.  If you have never seen an X-ray on a infant its quite a feat!  You have to hold their tiny heads with the round things oh and try to stay out of the picture while trying to keep your baby quiet.  Yeah right!  Diagnosis--mild concussion.  Yeah for my 6 week old!  Talk about doing a great job as a Mommy!

Oh yeah there was the time that "S" poured Chicken Noodle soup on his face and ended up looking like this!

Now that you have heard my bloopers as a Mommy what are some of yours?  Head on over to My Little Life to read more and share yours!


  1. Okay...I agree...blooper is a much better word than whoopsie!

    Holy head smackin' at your house! That soooo stinks, doesn't it?! The worry, the guilt...the...worry?!

    Glad everyone was okay!!

  2. Oh I feel your pain. That remind me I actually did have one more whoopsie I forgot to post about.
    While my sister and I were in the kitchen, my 3 yr old niece picked my Little B out of his swing ( he was weeks old) and dropped him in the middle of the floor.
    Oh mother's guilt with get you every time!
    In the end, at least everyone was okay. Thats what counts!!! :)

  3. Thank goodness they were both okay!

  4. I have had so much fun with this carnival



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