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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting to know YOU Sunday

Its Sunday again which means another dose of Getting to know YOU with Kelly over at MannLand5!!

1. If you could have one of Superman's, powers which one would you want? Superhuman strength..Flight..Superhuman speed..X-Ray vision..etc    Probably strength so I can lug my kids and all their stuff around without getting tired!!

2. The best thing I ever won is....?  HMM No clue!!  Is that sad??

3. Have you ever skyped with a bloggy friend?  Nope havent had the chance yet!

4. What is your favorite Summer month?  I guess I would say June b/c we always get to head to Gatlinburg as a family.  Even though its for dance it still a great vacation for us!

5. Pool, Lake, or Ocean?  Pool for sure!!  I don't like not being able to see what is beneath my feet!

6. One of my favorite Summer memories is.....?  Sitting at the country club pool with my sister every single day in the summer when we were growing up. 

7. What's your favorite secret bargain? Dollar spot at Target.  We rarely head over there b/c its on the other side of town but when we do the kiddos love taking their own money and buying something.  Bargain for me b/c I dont have to spend my money..haha!

8. Do you plan on or have you been watching the World Cup?  Not a chance.  Sports are almost never watched in our house.  The only time I think we have had anyting sports related on the TV is for the Superbowl or the Olympics. 

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