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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh the Chaos!

Falling in tune with my blog name this weekend has been chaotic for sure!  Friday night we were getting warnings about bad weather headed our way.  Of course "V" has soccer on Saturday mornings so we had no clue if this game would still be played as scheduled or if they would cancel it.  I checked the website to see and the lovely message I saw was that they would update at 0730!  UMM Do you really want me to get up at 0730 to check your site and see if they were playing at 0900??  Darn it!  I have to get the kids up and moving around then to make sure we have enough time for breakfast, getting dressed, loaded in the car, drive 2 minutes down the road and spend 15 minutes circling the parking lot trying to find a parking spot.  Of course the games were cancelled b/c when I woke up around 5 the storms were a brewin' and it would not have been a pretty game!

The kids also decided that they would have a fun Friday night and play tag on who wakes me up every single hour!  "M" and "V" would take turns giggling which would in turn wake up "S" who decided that he didn't want to go back to bed on a dime like usual.  So let's see...I was up at 11, 1230, 2, 4, 5, 7, oh and 0730 to check on the soccer games!   

We finally woke back up around 9 and I spent the day doing laundry and dishes since I didn't get much done this week b/c I was dying super sick. Anyone else wish they had a maid who would come and clean just when they were sick??  This week my house sure could have used one! 

After all this laundry was somewhat under control we had to get kids packed up and out the door b/c "M" and I had a dance competition to head to.  I dropped off the other kiddos with my in-laws and headed out praying that the storms would wait until we got into the building.  Well we must have had someone watching out for us b/c the rain stayed away the entire hour drive!  Competition was awesome as usual.  They made a change to one of her dances and my child is a flipper now!  Talk about making a mommy's heart stop.  Thank heavens no one lets go of her the entire move but still there is nothing like seeing your child fly backwards on a wooden stage.

My in-laws had the crappy end of the stick b/c they lost power about an hour after I left and it didn't come back on until we were getting ready to head back to town.  Thank heavens my kiddos were well behaved for them and they love board games b/c that is what they spent 4 hours doing!  It is going to be interesting to check the paper and see just how bad the storms were.  The only thing I heard was that there was 1 tornado in the area but not sure of any damages (hope none!) or if there were any others.

"M" and I headed back to town and grabbed the others and went home.  I was exhausted and so were all the kids.  We headed to bed..well tried to!  "S" decided to pull the "cuddle you" card and wanted me to cuddle with him most of the night.  I rotated from couch to his floor several times until the boy finally crashed and stayed asleep until around 10am!!  Now we are off to spend the day finishing up the cleaning and getting ready for the week ahead. 

What did all of you do this weekend??  Whatever it is I hope you had a great one!

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