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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

I have never been a big prankster but for some unknown reason today I decided that this year would be the year! I made these "cupcakes" for dinner! I had planned on making them when the girls were still at school but yeah well that didn't happen so I was stuck trying to make them while I ushered them outside and I hid in the kitchen. That was interesting to say the least! They would have looked a lot prettier had I not been rushing to throw the "icing" on before the girl saw them! Oh and next time I will read the directions better and use FOIL liners since the paper ones were falling apart hence the extra one underneath!

A was the first to see and taste them as she can't keep her hands out of anything pink! She licked her finger and yelled "Pink potatoes! Yuck!" HMM how will it go over with M who is super picky?? Better than I thought! She tasted it and said that next time to not make the icing pink b/c that was her pink..haha. V of course loves pretty much anything except for sweet potatoes and stuffing!

I definitely think I will have to find something new to do each year since it went over pretty good. Did you do anything fun for April Fool's this year??


  1. Ha, ha!! That's awesome :)


  2. Okay I am so doing this next year! Love it!



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