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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday-Planting

Are you a part of Mamarazzi Monday held by Household6Diva?  If not head on over and read all about it!  If you are then see you over there!

We had planting to be done and since these flowers were picked out by "A" she wanted to do the planting all by herself.  Well ok!  Less work for me! 

She really gets into her work doesn't she?    

Just look at the concentration.

The finished product!!!

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  1. how cute! so much fun and the flowers look great!

  2. That picture of her IN THE BAG is just awesome!!! And she looks so proud at the end! Great job Mamarazzi! :)

  3. Thanks ladies. She had a blast and is always asking me when she can plant more flowers. I just may have a gardener on my hands which works b/c I can pretty much kill anything! I am just dreading the day when they die b/c they are pansies and dont have a long life. Maybe this girl of mine can keep them growing!

  4. Oh goodness! That last picture is such a cute picture! She looks excited and proud all at the same time!



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