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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Is Here!

And I am loving it!!!  These are some of the newest additions to our household this month.  The kids are really enjoying taking care of all the plants and flowers.  I am glad I am able to teach them the little bit I do know about gardening.  They would love a vegetable garden but our backyard is just not cut out for it.  Maybe when we move in a couple of years we will have room!

Now if I could just get the flowerbed completely cleaned out and the exact way I want it (this year) I will be estatic.  I would love to add another one in front of our boxwoods but have to convince Daddy of that one first.

Don't they just scream SPRING?


  1. What beautiful flowers! I love flowers, but I have a black thumb...all plants die within weeks of entering our home! :-)

  2. Mine will grow pretty good outside. Its the inside ones that end up begging for their life!



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