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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Too much stuff!

Yesterday the girls and I spent the day cleaning their room and getting rid of obvious stuff that they don't want.  My word they have too much stuff and I haven't even touched their closet yet!  I am actually dreading the day where we have to actually sit down and decide item by item what they want to keep or get rid of.  "A" is actually excited about picking out what she is going to sell in the yard sale we are having here soon so that makes it a bit easier.  "M" and "V" on the other hand are going to fight me tooth and nail I think.  Its a good thing that "S" doesn't really get a choice in the matter!  I just can't wait to have The Hubby home for a consistent amount of time so I can have another pair of hands to help with all of this mess.

Anyone out there have any tips/tricks on how to make the sorting process easier?  Or how to get kids to be more willing to get rid of things that you know they don't want or need?

1 comment:

  1. These aren't "my" idea's, but a friend of mine goes through her kids things twice a year...before birthday and before Christmas. They go through toys and must get rid of everything they've not played with actively in the last 30 days. They then go together as a family and donate all toys to a homeless shelter, women's shelter, church, etc. This helps the kids see that their things are going to kids who are less fortunate. She goes through their closet every season. She pulls out things that they've outgrown or never wear, if she can pass it down to a younger sibling it's passed down otherwise she does 1 of 3 items to a friend of theirs who has a child that can fit the clothes, donates to homeless or womens shelter, or if it's a high quality clothing, put it up on Ebay (which she's done very well on, selling her kids clothing).
    She has done this since they were babies, so it's all they know, but I'm sure after the first time the kids will see what they're doing is good and not fight you about it.



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