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Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 Weeks??

Seriously? Has it really been that long since I have had time to sit down and post! You may ask what has been keeping me so busy. Well actually you may not but I will share it with you anyway! After the girls last day of school rectial week started. This consisted of many (too many) late nights with super sleepy kids. My sister came up to visit and help me with the kids during the recital. Recital ended the Sunday before Memorial Day and one would think "Great she got to relax" right? UMM nope! This woman ended up with a horrible case of strep throat and had to be seen twice in order to get it resolved. These 2 visits to the doctors ended up with me getting two shots in the booty too. Yippie!  (PSST...Toradol is a wonderful drug and if I ever need another anti-inflammatory I will be asking for it!)

Summer dance classes are in full swing and Nationals are just around the corner! I am ready for just a week of relaxation. After Nationals we have a little break until mid-July when dance camp starts. I am sure there will be a soccer camp or 2 thrown in there sometime as well. Who said summers were lazy?

I am having a small out-patient surgery next week which scares the crud out of me. I have never been put to sleep or had any kind of surgery so its definitely a new experience. Hopefully the recovery is quick and pain-free. I am so thankful that my In-laws are taking the kiddos for a couple of days and then my sister is coming up for the rest of the recovery. So everyone keep your fingers crossed things go well and I am back to my normal, crazy, chaotic self soon!

See even posting this has taken me several days b/c things have been so crazy around here! Here are a few (seriously a few seeing as I took over 6500!!!) pictures I snapped from recital. Enjoy!

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