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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fake Phone Calls

Most people I know will have Santa or the Easter Bunny call their kids and remind them to behave but me?  Nope I just call Bebop (grandpa)!  Heck I can even pretend to call him by dialing the numbers and hitting the end button instead of send and they will usually straighten right up. If that doesnt work then I can make a real call and he will tell them he is coming on over to check on them later.  Works every single time! **Disclaimer.  This is only on those really bad days where you feel like you wanna pull your hair out! Not a daily basis. I am thankful to have family that will stand up and help when its needed!**

Case in point.  "M" and "V" have been fighting with me lately on cleaning the house.  So today we had to stop by and drop some stuff off at Grandma and Bebop's house so Bebop told them he was going for a haircut later on and would stop by to check on them.  Every 20-30 mins or so "V" would ask me "Is he here yet?"  My answer was always "I have no clue when he is stopping by but we better get to work before he shows up."  I really didnt and come to find out he didn't go and get a hair cut so he isnt coming by but hey their chores are done for the most part! 

So tell me.  Do you have a "trick" of making your kids behave when they just don't want to listen to you?

1 comment:

  1. LOL that is a creative way to get them to behave! I just bribe 'em. I know it's wrong but they will do anything for popsicles, haha =)



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