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Monday, January 18, 2010

Good times

We have had a wonderful weekend around here! We took the girls out to celebrate the girls report cards. (Great job girls!) We went out for pizza and then to see The Princess and the Frog. Cute movie though definitely not like the old style Disney movies if you know what I mean. After that it was home, dinner and bed..just like a typical day! Today we woke up and headed over to Grandma and Bebop's (James' parents) for a day of board games. We played Connect 4, Monopoly Jr., and Life. Man it's been forever since I have played Life and certaintly do not remember it being that long or difficult. After the games were done we ate a late lunch and headed home.  "M" had dance tonight so Daddy stayed home with the other kiddos while I took "M" to dance. I love that man!! All the kids are in bed so we are sitting here watching The Bucket List and enjoying our quiet time! AHHH I so look forward to bedtime around here as it makes the wild, crazy, and most of the time loud days so worth it. The girls go back to school tomorrow so I guess its back to some sense of normalcy around here..well as much as it can be with 2 toddlers at home! We have to start getting ready for "V's" birthday next week!!! I cannot believe she will be 8 years old in 9! She wants a slumber party but we are going to put it off a week since my sister is coming to visit. The girls have no clue so when they come home from school next Thursday they will be so excited to see their Aunt and Cousin waiting for them!!! I am sure that will more than make up for the fact that she has to wait another week dont you?? By the way if anyone is actually reading this I could use some help on ideas for a slumber party for an 8 y/o!! She loves soccer, Littlest Pet Shop and American Girl. Heck she is pretty much easy to please.

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