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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's never good when....

Your 3 year old wakes up crying in the middle of the night. You know something is wrong because that never happens! I go upstairs and check on "A" who is whimpering like her tummy hurts. Well the girls has bowel issues so being "smart" mommy I figured she had to poop. I took her into the bathroom, sat her on the potty and listened to her whimper some more (normal for her!). After a minute she screamed so I assumed she finally pooped therefore leaned over to check and then heard the all to familiar sound of "water" hitting the stool. UMM nope not water!! Oh and the fact that it hit the stool meant it hit my jeans. Yippie! My poor baby decided (well ok not really) that it would be a great idea to vomit several times within about 5 minutes. Thank heavens Daddy was home and I could calmly (read: scream) call him upstairs to come give me a hand since she would not hit the toilet or trash can to save my life. Guess she figured it was more fun to hit me, the floor and the bathroom cabinet! After the volcanic episodes we decided it would be a good idea to take her to bed with us just in case. Maybe we were wrong.

Have you ever slept with a possessed creature in your bed?? Well I think that is what she turns into at night. The child tossed, turned, spread eagle, slept upside down, used our rears as pillows, etc last night. Needless to say no one in our bed, well except her, got any amount of good sleep. Another thank heavens would be the fact that since I stay at home I could relax somewhat (read: not chase a wild banshee through the house) during nap time but my poor husband had to go to work and fly today. I feel so bad for him so I think when he gets home I will meet him with a big hug and a kiss to say thank you! Thank you for making our life where I can stay at home with our kiddos and for working so hard after getting many a night without sleep. Thank you baby. We all love you so very much!

1 comment:

  1. Bless her heart, I bet she felt better though after letting it all out ha. You should have just put her in the bathtub until she was finished. Ugh thankfully (knock on wood) Ashlyn hasn't had one of those episodes. Hope she is feeling better now.



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