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Friday, February 5, 2010

Boring week but full of fun and chaos!


So the last week has been pretty boring around here but definitely filled with chaos! Last week started off with a bang when V and S came down with the stomach bug. V stayed home from school on Monday which wasn't too bad since she just layed around most of the time.

Tuesday was back to normal..well as normal as 2 screaming, giddy, running around toddlers can be!

Wednesday the bug hit me but thank heavens its was not near as bad as the kids since I was supposed to be cleaning my house so my sister could come visit!! Oh and did I mention that M came home from school on Wed with it too??!! What did I tell you? Chaos ruled our house! I am thankful that I at least felt good enough to bake a cake for V's 8th birthday. Wow time flies!

Thursday I spent the day trying to clean and de-germ our house so hopefully my sister and niece wouldn't get sick too. They had already had it the week before! They finally arrived just after the girls got home from school and everyone was super exicted to see each other. Around 5pm I received a message from school that because of the impending snow all schools were closed on Friday. What better vacation could you ask for??!!

Friday we spent the day cleaning out the girls clothes so we could pass them down to my niece. Thank you to my sister for the help!! Oh and we all waited for the snow that we were supposed to get.

Saturday morning I woke up to let the dogs out and could barely open the door there was so much snow out there! A little late is better than never. Whoo hoo! We bundled up all the kiddos and sent them out to play. My niece had never seen snow before as they live in Alabama so she was so excited!! Daddy helped all the kids build a snowman since I, being from Alabama myself, had absolutely no clue.

Sunday they were supposed to head back to AL but since the roads were not all clear they stayed another night. Great for the kiddos since school was cancelled for Monday as well! Daddy took all 5 kiddos out and about so M could go to dance rehearsal and so my sister and I could continue to clean out closets and clothes. How awesome was that? I agree...pretty freaking awesome!!

Daddy went back to work on Monday and my sister left so it was just me and 4 kiddos who were becoming overrun with cabin fever. No way was I leaving the house unless I had to though as the last time I drove in snow/slush I decided it would be fun to total my van. No way, no how were you getting me out in it! Ok well I had to get out and take M to dance but I left plenty of time for traveling as slow and carefully as possible!

The rest of this week has been filled with as much chaos as possible. The younger 2 kiddos have been adjusting to an empty house since everyone is back to work/school. Between dance, making hairbows for dance, and all over life we have been pretty busy! I woke up this morning feel under the weather and hope I am feeling better pretty quick! I have tons more bows to make before tomorrow afternoon!

I hope all of my readers are doing great!! to come as soon as my wonderful hubby will transfer them to my computer! ;)

1 comment:

  1. It is no fun to be sick. I hope you are all feeling much better soon. I did hear you guys got a lot of snow :)



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