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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just like Daddy

Yesterday we were packing for Daddy's up and coming deployment. If you have ever packed or helped pack for a deployment you know the horrible job this is! If not, well don't worry you are not missing a darn thing. It consists of destroying a room completely within 2.2 seconds and taking 30 minutes to an hour at least to find the floor of said destroyed room.

So Daddy brought all of his gear out to the living room and we started sorting it into piles of what goes into what bag or tough box. Seeing as this is our 4th deployment we have the hang of this and were done in about an hour from start to finish. Should we truly be proud of that?? HMMM I say yes!

While doing this S decided he was hungry so we plopped him in his highchair next to us with dinner since the girls we upstairs playing and we of course were busy packing. He was nice and content until he saw Daddy's helmet and had to be JUST like Daddy so we put it on. This boy loves his Daddy and I can see the military in his future one day though I prefer not to think about that just yet.

Look at this cutie? Don't you wanna just take him home with you? Yeah? Go right on ahead but I can't guarantee you won't wanna bring him right back!

1 comment:

  1. awwww... what a little stinker! I'll just appreciate him from Florida! Tho, I bet he and D. would have great fun!



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