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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deployment Pros and Cons

Everyone that knows me knows that as much as I may not like deployments I know that they are a part of our life and deal with them just like any other day. These days are no different. Daddy left again and it stinks! Will I make it through just fine? Yeah no problem. Will I miss him? Most definitely! Will I hate seeing the kids ask where Daddy went? More than anything in the world. You may ask the point of this title and well I thought I would do a list of the pros and cons from my perspective!

***Pros (in no particular order):***
* Extra money..always nice right? Well this deployment will help us get our house ready to put on the market when Daddy returns and also be able to afford the house we want/need!

* A sense of accomplishment. I feel much more impowered when I remind myself that I CAN do things by myself whether it be take care of the kiddos or even do small projects around the house. I know thatt I am improving myself and that is a great Pro!

* Improving our marriage. The old saying that "Absense makes the heart grow fonder" is always in play during a deployment and upon his arrival home. There is nothing like seeing his face over a webcam or that hug when he comes back! They are the most amazing times in my life.

* Packages!! I love checking our mail and seeing a letter or package from Daddy. The treasures he sends home is AMAZING!

* Unknown phone calls! The very first phone call where the caller ID registers UNKNOWN CALLER gives you butterflies in your tummy!!! The sound of his voice saying "Hey Baby" makes me feel 16 and in love all over again. I love hearing about his days (good and bad) and trying to tell him about ours over the kids yelling Hi to him in the background. HAHA

* Emails. Daddy and I do not send emails while he is at home b/c we can just call each other and say what we need to say. I love checking my email and finding emails from Daddy. I try to send as many as I can but I do not send as many as I should and am working on this super hard this deployment!

***Cons (again in no particular order):***
* Time apart. Though being apart does make us stronger it still sucks. I don't like it but know its the way of our life and wouldn't trade it for the world.

* Kids. They miss their daddy so much even when he is just here working so its definitely hard on them but they also know he does this because he loves our Country and his job.

* Only having 2 hands. Most people take advantage of having their spouse home to help them with the kids for say bathtime, bedtime, dinner, activities, etc. I know I do when he is home but man what a difference 2 hands make!

* Empty bed. Though I may enjoy being able to spread out from one side to the other I do miss having him to snuggle up with at night. A 3 yr old squiggling, squirming girl does NOT make up for this!! HAHA

I am sure I can come up with many more of both but I try to focus on the good instead of the bad! This year I am going to be working on the house trying to get rid of hopefully 1/2 of our possessions and getting the house ready to put on the market!!! Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck to you guys as you start your deployment! That is great you are staying positive about it all. Thanks for the directions help. My husband has to finish inprocessing and then hopefully we can find a house.

  2. The part about the unknown caller and the butterflies in your stomach literally made me tear up

  3. I SO agree on the pros and cons you listed. My husband and I have been married 5 1/2 yrs and have been through two deployments already. Our kids are much older (second marriage for both of us) so I can't relate to having little ones. I can imagine that part is awful.

    I think another pro is that we don't take little things for granted like some married couples probably do. I thank my Soldier every time he takes out the garbage, walks the dogs, etc. I love that I don't have to do it all now.

  4. Thanks for sharing about your thoughts on deployment. My husband was in the military for seven years and my son was in the Army for 4 years and the National Guard for 4 years and so I have been the wife and the mom of a deployed soldier.

    I popped over from MckMama's Community. Hope you don't mind me tagging along on your life's journey.

    May this year go by quickly for your whole family.



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