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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now isn't this what you normally think of for Spring Break??? Well not this family!! So far this week has been spent cleaning, cleaning, Dr's appointments, and oh more cleaning!! My parents are coming into town tomorrow and I started cleaning things out last week and of course made a huge mess so now I get to clean it all up. I am grateful that my sister was here to help me do tons of it last week or there is no way I would have been able to do the cleaning/rearranging plus chauffeuring the kiddos around to all their activities!

Does anyone else feel the need to completely sterilize their house before the parentals come to visit? Normally I do but this time I am going for a neat(er), picked up look! After 4 kiddos, gone are the days where I have a completely dusted, every toy in its place, all the laundry done house! Its lived in, loved in, played in, and destroyed it!!! At least I don't have food or poop filled diapers around so that's good right??? My house is clean but definitely lived in. It may not be spotless all the time but its picked up as much as it can be with my tornado toddlers!

I hope everyone has or had a wonderful Spring Break!!!!


  1. Your poop filled diaper comment made me laugh. I somehow got distracted on my out to the trash with a poopy diaper and found it on the dresser! I thought I smelled poop but couldn't figure out where. Too funny!

  2. Your house is a home. I would take that over a sterile, cold environment any day.



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